Breathtaking tropical views as a resident of the reef

Owning real estate at The Reef Residences at Atlantis has many benefits. Along with providing an incredible and beautiful vacation home for you and your loved ones, there are many financial incentives to buying a condo at The Reef.

The Bahamas is very stable politically, and welcomes foreign private ownership of property. Being just a short flight from Miami and many other United States cities, The Reef Residences and Atlantis are always in high demand as a vacation destination, assuring a high rental income of each property. And obviously, you will be able to enjoy several vacations there each year to enjoy it for yourself.

As far as tax benefits in The Bahamas are concerned, there are many. In fact, The Bahamas is often considered a tax haven. Owners at The Reef will enjoy the fact that there are no capital gains taxes nor are there inheritance taxes. There is also no profit remittance, corporate income tax, personal income tax nor any tax on dividends and interest in The Bahamas. They will also be privy to tax-free* rental income; tax-free* capital gains at resale; waived annual real estate taxes and waived stamp tax, duties and levies with rental program participation.

Ownership at The Reef Residences can qualify owners to apply for Permanent Residence status in The Bahamas, a Sovereign Nation.

*ie not taxable under Bahamian Law.